Computer Security Day – 30th November 2021


Computer Security Day is celebrated on the 30th November every year. It is designed to raise awareness and to promote best practices in Information Security for business.

Bringing together international and local IT and security professionals, creates an accessible platform from which to share experiences, acquire knowledge and gain an understanding of the very best ways to safeguard your organisation.

Data and information are one of your companies biggest and most important assets. Keeping your electronic data safe from hackers is vital to ensure the ongoing integrity of your business.

Implementing the correct levels of security for your business will provide you with secure and confidential data control measures at all times.

Computer security controls should be in place to ensure both confidentiality and integrity, and should be available for all components of your computer systems including data, software, hardware and firmware.

Prevention Is Always Better Than A Cure

Taking preventative measures can help to alleviate the risk of hackers accessing any part of your computer system. By controlling your security measures yourself, you can always be sure that you are not making it easy for fraudsters to take a bite out of your business.

Basic but effective ways in which you can keep on top of your own computer security systems, could be as straightforward as:

Backing up files

Copy or archive computer data so it can be used to restore the original after a data loss event.

Reset passwords / sign up to a password manager

Changing your password is always an effective precautionary measure. Theoretically, almost any password can be cracked eventually. Changing your password limits the ease of access for potential hackers and by changing it regularly you are limiting the time attackers have to do any damage.

Log off your computer when you are not using it

Logging off secures your computer and files from people who are not authorised to see them. If you leave your computer logged on when you’re away, anyone can sit down and start messing with, deleting, or copying your e-mail, personal files, or other company data they are not supposed to see.

Wireless network is secured

It is possible for your network to extend over 300 feet through the air, and far beyond the boundaries of your own home.  If your wireless access point is not properly secured, people from other businesses, offices or nearby buildings can gain access to it.

Don’t have your web browser store or remember your passwords

If someone gains access to your PC they will automatically have access to all of your personal accounts on there too.  Even worse, if you sell your computer equipment on, they could still be stored on there.

Antivirus software is installed and running

Antivirus software has come a long way in recent years and now offers safe, reliable and effective protection against hackers and other fraudulent users.