Inspire your workforce with Innovation Day 2022


We are all faced with making decisions on a daily basis. By finding solution or a pre-emptive move we manage to stave off potential disaster.  In the heady world of business, we look for innovative solutions on a regular basis.

By hosting an Innovation Day at your place of work, you are encouraging your staff to really think outside of the box and pull forward as a team. It will keep your business competitive and encourage employees to step outside of their comfort zones. So get on board, and get ready to grow with our tips for Innovation Day, 21st April 2022.

Ensure your Innovation Day 2022 is super successful by remembering these four little words – Prepare, Promote, Participate, Perform!


Planning is the key to an effective Innovation Day.   Identify your objectives well before the event takes place.  Whether you are looking to solve an ongoing complication that is hindering your success, or looking to devise and develop a new product or service, an Innovation Day can find the solutions you are looking for.

More often than not, new ideas and innovations come from the “bottom up” so to speak, as your employees on the ground deal with the daily realities of customer woes and product short falls. Use your Innovation Day to enfranchise staff across all levels, and let their voices be heard.  For hidden amongst them, may be exciting ideas you have never even dreamed of.


Don’t just spring it on your staff, promote your Innovation Day well in advance.  Get them geed up and ready for the big innovation showdown.  You could even ask for their input in advance by creating an ideas board or similar for everyone to make use of.


Innovations come in many forms, and a day dedicated to finding them offers a wealth of new opportunities for everyone.  Create fun and encouraging ways for staff to brainstorm together to bring their ideas to the fore. You could break staff into teams and assign them a problem to solve, for example.  Encourage competition by assigning them all the same problem, and promote the idea of a winning team at the end of the day.

Throw away the rules and take away the structure of the day.  Plan breaks, and may sure refreshments are plentiful by all means, but creativity flows far better when it is not restrained by time.

At the end of the day let the teams speak out.  This is the golden hour, for who knows what solution may come.  Let each team present their ideas to the rest of the group and reward the winner with something tremendous.


After the amazing success of your very own Innovation Day, don’t drop the ball by letting ideas linger without signs of implementation.  Let you staff see how well their ideas are performing as they become a business reality.

Every idea, suggestion or thought process that was considered to be a winner should be implemented, quick sharp!  Move forward, and carry out your plans with key metrics.  Create a visual aid so your staff can see just how well their ideas are progressing.  If your staff can see the rewards of their input, they will be more likely to participate in the future.

No matter what the industry or sector your business is anchored in, everyone benefits from a bit of fresh thinking from time to time.  Maybe, just maybe, you could solve every one of your dilemmas by thinking as a team, in or outside of the box.

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