About us

Unique thinking

Markadept exists with a single purpose in mind; to provide ambitious companies with the tools and vision they need to grow beyond the aspiration of their owners. 

Our founder Daniel utilises his talented approach to working with clients that transcends far beyond the norm as he dedicates his time to providing a truly holistic approach to the individual needs of every client.  By offering a unique cross-over of logic and creativity, that is very rare in our industry, Daniel is a skilled practitioner in carefully crafting finely tuned innovative strategies that solve the toughest of business challenges our clients face.

By applying the benefit of many years of experience gained across a wide range of marketing and IT disciplines, Daniel is able to impart a forward-thinking proposition for every brief.  Much more than just an excellent marketeer, Daniel’s strengths lie in his full stack abilities that takes every element of the marketing mix and evolves it into one seamless solution. 

As Markadept continues to grow into a leading full-service marketing consultancy across the UK, Daniel remains as committed to seeing your business grow as he does his own.

Our mission

Our aim is to bring our ideas to our clients to give them the solutions to succeed. We have a multi-disciplinary background that allows us to provide a combination of business, marketing and technology, giving you access to advice that considers everything when discussing your business needs. 

Put simply… comparing us to a typical agency or consultancy is a massive underestimation of how we benefit your business.

Exceeding goals

We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients to deliver a plan that exceeds their goals. We want our customers to stand out above the noise and achieve their business ambitions, and the innovative way in which we deliver our services ensures a cohesive approach throughout all areas of marketing.

Whether we are building identities or migrating traditional brands, assisting with business development and marketing needs, or developing customised digital solutions, it is our goal to provide the very best professional services from initial consultation to final delivery.

Our philosophy

We believe in partnering with ambitious companies and like-minded people to create a consolidated offering that is second to none. We pride ourselves in listening to our client’s individual needs, whilst delivering not only what is asked of us but that which will deliver the results expected and to the highest standard. Our core values are:

Ambition To be recognised as the best in our industry by constantly encouraging, supporting and guiding our clients.

Integrity – To be an ethical, honest, reliable and trustworthy business partner at all times.

Flexibility We will always embrace the challenge, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel at first.

Efficiency – We will rigorously find ways to reduce time, resource and cost on all our activities.

Support – We understand that continued client satisfaction is paramount to ensuring return business.

Profitable – Each job must be more than 30% in profit after all expenses have been taken into account.

Sustainable – We always advise how much we incorporate materials from renewable and recycled resources.

Environmental – We are focused on measuring and continuously improving our environmental impact.