How to add interest to your professional social media profile


If your business is already harnessing the awesome power of social media, there may be ways to make it more successful than it already is.  Whilst your social media presence must remain professional – after all, it is not your own personal page – there are plenty of fun ways to engage with your audience and spread the word about your business.

Simply being on social media can help your business to rank higher on search engine results, but to make the most of your presence, try these tips:

  1. Be easily recognisable – start with your name. Nothing too clever, nothing too fancy. Your social media name needs to be easily recognisable by your followers and your customers. If you are unable to use the exact name of our company, perhaps because it has already been taken, try an alternative that will still be easy to search for – your company name and location for example.
  2. Represent your brand – use a logo, or a profile picture that relates to your business. Your professional social media presence is not the place for selfies, but it is the place to visually represent your brand. Use a good quality image of your logo, or professional pictures of the products you sell to ensure that your customers recognise you at first sight.
  3. Direct your audience to your website – a fabulously funny or engaging social media feed is all well and good, but your customers need to know how to do business with you. Always be sure to include links to your website on your homepage and on posts regularly.
  4. Tell your audience a bit about you – every social media platform has space for a brief bio. This is the perfect spot to tell your followers a little bit about your business. You can make it eye-catching and engaging, but try and keep it professional.  Always be sure to include your main keywords in your bio as well.
  5. Be interesting to those around you – add interest to your page by quite literally, adding more interest! Seek out and research interesting articles, videos and books made by influential people within your industry that will help to make your feed more interesting. Don’t be so blinkered that you only ever share your own stories, become a resource for information about your field of expertise.

Social Media offers most businesses an extra bite of the marketing cherry. There are lots of ways to make it work well for you. Measure which posts work best and find ways to keep the ball rolling.