Getting your business off the ground


Entrepreneurs are a special breed of people, willing to go it alone in order to create the business of their dreams and be the one in charge of all the decision-making processes.
Many of those processes can be done in a non-traditional manner, meaning that entrepreneurs don’t need an office or a corporation to get their businesses off the ground, they can do it in their garage with sometimes the bare minimum of ‘business ingredients’ necessary to achieve their goals.

Steve Jobs started Apple in his garage, for example, and millions of others have done the same, avoiding the traditional business model and instead forging their own paths. In many countries, including the UK, their respective governments are finally starting to take this into account and give entrepreneurs the extra help that they need to be successful.

The reasons are many, and most have to do with the fact that small, home-based businesses are much less taxing on the local infrastructure of a city or town. The more home-based start-ups there are, the fewer cars are on the road, the less emissions are being dumped into the air and the less taxing it is for the community at large.

New laws in the UK to help home-based businesses

In the UK as of late there has been an entire package of new laws passed to help entrepreneurs and home-based business owners to be able to start their businesses, and allow landlords to rent homes to them as well, so that their chance of success will be higher.

The British Property Federation, at the forefront of the changes, believes that the successful home-based businesses of today will become the commercial property seeking larger businesses of the future, and as such need to be nurtured and allowed the freedom to grow so that they can one day contribute more.
That can only mean good news for the county’s economy and, for home-based business owners everywhere, a better opportunity to make their business goals a reality.

Need help?

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