Our Christmas Message For 2021


Eeek!… it’s the 1st of December already, wow has this year flown past.

It certainly has been a strange year, not forgetting that we started 2021 still in the midst of a global panic, where the future was very much an unknown, but through the chaos and uncertainty has come a true sense of grit for most, something this year will be remembered for greatly by myself and my colleagues.

It goes without doubt that whilst many have succeeded, there have been so many unfortunate that haven’t seen the successes, and I truly feel for them. One thing that I pride upon, was to regularly check-in with those clients, friends and business colleagues that weren’t having such a good time, and regularly ask “Are you ok?”… something I feel has become a fundamental part of Markadept’s evolving purpose and ethos.

Markadept’s 2021

The year has been kind to us at Markadept. We’ve welcomed some new clients, and built many more relationships with like-minded business owners. We’ve refined our offering and evolved our brand to be more prestigious, offering much more confidence in our abilities, and this included the relaunch of our website.

We tweaked our service offering, and made it clearer to understand how we can help businesses across the UK by separating our services into three distinct areas; Consulting, Projects, and Infrastructure. Our services now define us and our abilities to truly offer a multi-disiplinary approach to 21st century business growth support… after all, the success of a client is a success for us too!

Christmas 2021

During the festive period, we take the opportunity, during what is always a quiet time for Markadept, to get some well earned rest allowing our internal batteries to fully recharge! Rest assured though, that should you have any technical issues, our helpdesk support will still be on hand to help if needed, just at a reduced capacity. I request during this time however, that if your issues are not urgent, these be postponed until our return please.

During our office closure, if you have any technical issues during this time, please send an email explaining the problem to [email protected].

Christmas office hours
  • Monday, 20th December: 9am – 5pm
  • Tuesday, 21st December: CLOSED
  • Wednesday, 22nd December: CLOSED
  • Thursday, 23rd December: CLOSED
  • Friday, 24th December: CLOSED
  • Monday, 27th December: CLOSED
  • Tuesday, 28th December: CLOSED
  • Wednesday, 29th December: CLOSED
  • Thursday, 31st December: CLOSED
  • Friday, 31st December: CLOSED
  • Monday, 3rd January: CLOSED
  • Tuesday, 4th January: 9am – 5pm

Finally, thank you

As ever, I would like to personally thank you all for your support this year, and send you my very best wishes for the holiday season and for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2022 moving forward!

Best Wishes,