Target Your Content To Best Get Your Message Across


When it comes to writing the copy on your website, your blogs or your social media posts, getting the tone just right can hugely impact how your audience perceives you.

What is targeted content?

Targeted content is written for a specific audience and with a specific purpose in mind. Well thought-out and cleverly crafted copy needs to be created to appeal to your target demographic. Having identified who you are looking to reach out to, you can research and identify their likes and dislikes and create content that compels them to buy your brand.

Targeted content is unique because it’s designed to elicit a specific response only from a specific group, so it pays to get it just right.

Time it right

Targeted content is based not just upon what you post, but also when you post it. If you are using social media to increase your brand awareness, you should research the best times of the day or night to update your feeds according to the lifestyle choices of your audience.

Different sectors of society will browse the internet at different times, so finding out when your would-be audience is most likely to be online is half the battle of successfully reaching out to them.

Make it focused and interesting

If you are selling a new product or promotion, don’t hide it – make your interactions direct and to the point. Keep your words engaging and focused to ensure that your audience gets your message right away.

The more interactive your posts are, the better. Consumers like immediate answers. If you post, be ready to respond to their questions. How much, how long for and how can I buy are all pertinent queries that need an immediate response. Don’t delay and let your customers slip away.

Become your audience

Think like them and write like them in order to illicit the best response. Do your research and speak directly to them. Never wrap your words in hyperbole or cliches, and keep your copy interesting and engaging at all times.

Review your response

In order to find out which posts work best for your business, you need to be able to measure both your successes and your failures. Implement ways to ascertain the different responses to your posts, what time works best and what type of promotions garner the most amount of interest.