Why small businesses need mission statements


Let’s examine what exactly a mission statement is. As a business owner, your mission statement serves to illustrate exactly what the purpose of your business is to the public, it also lets them know the benefit of your company to them as well. Not only this but it can heavily aid in helping business owners formulate plans going forward in terms of the direction and strategy.

In this sense absolutely, every business should have a mission statement. It benefits your company internally as it ensures that everyone has that common vision and a common goal, and this can go a long way in terms of benefitting your business planning. Mission statements can also be used in terms of marketing campaigns, for example, if you are a business that benefits the environment, and this is heavily advertised in your mission statement, of course, it makes sense for it to be included in a marketing campaign.

Don’t forego having a mission statement

However, the point of this article is to look at why many smaller businesses may sometimes have the incorrect preconception that they don’t need a mission statement. If you’re a small business owner and you only deal with a select few clients out of the public eye, you might forego the process of putting a mission statement together because firstly, it’s going to take up time that you could be spending focusing on other areas of your business, as secondly, as you’re out of the public eye, what’s the point?

Well, even if you only deal with a handful of clients when your business starts to grow and expand you’re going to want to capture new businesses and clients, and some potential clients in future will be looking for your mission statement. They’ll be looking for this because firstly it sums up your business’s purpose and can immediately give them an idea of whether you’ll be a fit for them, and secondly, they will appreciate the time and effort that has been invested into creating said mission statement.

So getting writing yours

Also, as a small business owner, your talent pool could be visibly smaller than that or larger organisations so putting pen to paper and illustrating what your businesses goals and intentions can keep your focus on the common goal rather than it being distracted. It also helps you to plan going forward in terms of where your business should be within a couple of years, and when you’re at that stage you can take a step back and evaluate if your business is still alignment with its initial mission statement or whether you’ve strayed away from the path you were on and now need to find a way back.