Be productive – How to get more done during the working day


Sometimes it genuinely feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. But, if you are able to plan well, delegate where possible and maximise every second of you’re working day, you should be able to find that you aren’t quite so stressed out by the end of it.

It’s easy to get distracted, or lose time by allocating too much energy to any one particular task. By formulating a plan every day, you can make the most of your working hours and get more done.

Here are our tips to getting more done at work, every single day.

Make A To Do List

“To Do” lists are literally lifesavers. Not only do they list out everything you need to do that day, but the satisfaction you get in ticking every completed task off is immense. Make sure they are realistic, and a To Do list will only work if you actually remember to use it. Write one everyday and see how far you have got by home time — we think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Stay Focused

Doing one job well is far better than doing two jobs badly. Stay focused, and deal with the matter in hand. Also, if you are concentrating on just one issue, you have more chance of completing it quickly and efficiently. Avoid office banter, and don’t get drawn in to other tasks — finish what is in front of you first.

Start Each Day Afresh

That may sound obvious, but without a break from work, and a good nights sleep behind you, all of your working days will roll into one and render you completely unproductive. Getting a good nights sleep is key to being ready to face the new day.

Stay Away From Social Media

All those sneaky peaks at your Facebook page during the day can really distract you from doing your job. They can wait. Stay focused, switch your mobile phone off or on to silent mode and stay away from your social media feeds. It will still be there when you have finished work, and you can have a good old catch up on the way home.

Take Regular Breaks

Everyday should have rest breaks. Moving away from your desk, your screen and sometimes even your office can make you feel refreshed and more focused.

Identify Where You Are Going Wrong

For most of us, we are probably spending too much time on social media or dealing with low priority emails and other correspondence. Make a note of how much time you spend on every aspect of your day — from Facebook checks to chatting with colleagues and you will very quickly be able to identify where you are losing precious time.

Plan your day well, every day. When you have finished all of the tasks of your to do list, not only will you feel great, you will also be ahead of the game for tomorrow and you’ll definitely be the envy of your colleagues.