Build your brand with buzz marketing


Want to create a “buzz” about your brand? Try your hand at a bit of old fashioned buzz marketing to engage with your target audience.

Whether you amaze them with your audacity and sway them with your smooth talking skills, creating a buzz about your business will help you to succeed.

Whatever stunts you choose to pull in the punters, buzz marketing is an uber cool way to get your brand noticed. Viral marketing techniques like this are not new, but they are far more accessible than ever before, thanks to good old social media. By doing something different you set a conversation in motion and spread the word about your brand exponentially.

Generate at buzz, and give people something to talk about, and you should soon see your business boom!

Need some ideas? Try these:

Make it controversial

Not so much so that you end up getting hate mail, but by expressing or sharing comments that are provocative you will give your followers (and those that have never even heard of you) something to debate, dispute or disagree with.

Do something unusual

Stand out from the crowd with innovative and unique marketing strategies. These could be something new on YouTube, a Facebook campaign that sets you apart from the competition or even cryptic product placements to get your audience guessing.

Be remarkable

If you want to be noticed, be sure to be the best. If, for example, you are starting a new social media campaign – stick with it. Don’t go in all guns blazing, only to give up posting after a couple of days. Remain relevant and remarkable.

Be outrageous

Be funny by all means, but remember to be memorable. Whatever your video, advert or stunt is all about, there needs to be a connection with your brand. Be sure to shoehorn your brand logo or name in there somewhere.

Keep it secret

For the ultimate in buzz marketing, put away the bells and whistles and add an air of mystery to your campaign. Give taster ads and tease your audience about what’s to come, but keep your cards close to your chest until the big reveal. There are lots of examples of this kind of marketing, and they are an excellent example of how to build a buzz about your brand.

By creating awareness in unusual ways, your brand will become a talking point. You may offers goods or services that won’t appeal to everyone, but you can still engage with as many people as possible. There are some excellent and very famous examples of buzz marketing – from high end perfume adverts to huge stunts and marketing events, that can be seen all around us.