Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing


We’re going to look at some of the main reasons why you as a business owner should heavily considering outsourcing your marketing duties rather than performing them in house.

Outsourcing basically refers to using an outside company to complete all the marketing tasks your business needs in a timely and professional manner. Now let’s look at some reasons why should you be outsourcing your marketing.

First and foremost, your business will begin to save time. Rather than having your staff in-house working on your marketing tasks you can free them up to focus on other tasks related to the business. Being as the tasks are being completed totally off-site it gives you peace of mind as an entrepreneur to focus on areas such as sales and product development. Also, you’ll be widening your talent pool.

Increase your specialisms

Many marketing agencies will have employees that specialise in niche areas of marketing and may even have experience working for companies in the same industry as yours is in. They will also have an extensive team there including strategists, social media specialists, creative experts and brand managers.

Next, get some outside influence. As creative as you think you might be sometimes getting the opinions from an outside company can help you in making big decisions when it comes to your marketing tactic. Don’t get the wrong impression that they’ll be taking over the running your businesses marketing, but they have the experience in producing marketing strategies for companies like your own.

Focus on selling your services and products instead of keeping yourself and your team distracted by marketing. If you’re first starting out in business especially, the first few years can make or break you and your business, and so being able to apply more focus onto promoting your product and meeting potential clients you’re giving yourself and your business the best chances of surviving past year 3.

Survive in business

Speaking of business survival, if you outsource your marketing duties it can end up saving your business money so that the money can be spent elsewhere. If you’re paying your employees to do marketing around 70% of their wage packet will be their salary alone, with the other 30% taxing, national insurance etc. If you outsource this work to an outside company, you are saving yourself as a business owner paying these taxes by purely and simply paying the salary or costs of the freelancer that you’re using.

Hopefully, this has given you a bit more of an insight into what outsourcing your marketing is all about and the benefits of it. If you’re a company just starting out or currently performing all of your marketing duties in-house, ideally this has driven you to change your mind and alter course.