How To Build And Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Clients


This is never more important than in the business arena, where your word is often your bond and your actions are what sets you apart from your competition.

Many businesses will promise the world, but fail to deliver, severing good relationships with clients along to way. If you can learn to build and maintain excellent relationships with your client base, you will never need to suffer as a result of poor performance or a lack of trust.

Here are our 3 top tips for building and maintaining client relationships that will go the distance:

Be Transparent and Open At All Times

Even the most demanding of clients will probably appreciate that they can’t make unacceptable demands of their suppliers. Approach every client transaction in an open and honest way. Tell them exactly what you can do for them, when you can deliver it and what you expect from them in return, including a breakdown of costs and payment terms. Starting off with a mutual understanding of your needs will prevent misunderstandings from happening.

Educate and Share Your Knowledge

Most often, a client will come to you because they are unable to produce or purchase the goods or services you are offering. This means that you have something they want or need and you are in a strong position. The very best way to build a great relationship is by educating your clients and sharing your knowledge. Simply put, use your experience to advise them on the best way forward, how you can achieve this and what will work best for them. This in turn will gain their trust and they will value your experience and skill.

Exceed Expectations Every Time

Sure, anyone can do a job and deliver it on time. But, if you have the dedication, commitment and knowledge to deliver the job in a well thought out way, giving more than just the bare minimum, your clients will respect you more and be thankful for your commitment. Do, of course, be wary of project creep, where you end up doing far more than you have quoted for, but always give your best to the job in hand.

By continually going above and beyond you can build strong relationships with your clients.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.
Warren Buffett

Nurturing good relationships with your clients is a key way to ensure that your business continues to succeed and grow. Even if your clients are unlikely to have a need to do further business with you, they will still show their gratitude by recommending you further down the line.

We love our clients very much and appreciate them and their custom, after all they are the ones that help us provide for our families and allow us to do what we enjoy most; marketing! If you’d like some advice or would like to brainstorm some ideas to improve your client relationships, please get in touch.