How to attract new customers to help grow your business


As a business, you need to constantly find new ways to attract customers to buy your goods or services. Even if your business relies heavily on recommendations from existing customers, there may will be scope for bringing in new customers using a wide variety of tried and tested business development strategies.

Ensuring your existing customers keep coming back to you is also an important way to keep your bottom line looking healthy. In such competitive times, just how can you attract new customers to help grow your business? Here are some top tips for you to consider:

Get to know your customers

If you know what your customers really want, you can identify the best way to appeal to them. If you really understand what makes them tick, you can find the very best way to reach out to them.

Offer something different

It’s not always just the cost of an item that your would-be customers will be considering. By offering something different from your competitors you will automatically attract a new generation of customers. You can also offer added value by offering additional goods and services, or package deals that offer better value than your competitors do.

Reward recommendations

If your customers love you enough to tell the world about you, reward them for doing so. Recommendations are just about the most productive form of advertising a company could ever wish for. If your customers recommend you, offer them a discount or an incentive to show your appreciation.

Big up your brand

Your products may be the best in the business, but if your website or marketing material looks dated or inefficient this will put potential customers off of using your services. Revamp you image before you reach out to new customers. Rebrand or rename your website, your logos and any marketing material you are looking to share with potential new customers.

Make your business a talking point

Sometimes, you just aren’t winning new business because your target audience doesn’t know you exist. Make sure your marketing strategy is on point. Send out press releases, run competitions and get your brand talked about in local newspapers and on local radio.

Identify new routes to market

Often we think that selling online begins and ends with our own websites.  But, did you know there are many more ways to reach out to your audience online?  Research and utilise new sales channels like auction sites or other online market places.

Show your expertise

You are no doubt experts in your field, but do your customers know this?  Send out blogs, articles or informative pieces to local papers, or online reviews or blog sites to establish your business as a reliable source of information within your industry.

Give away freebies

Everyone loves the idea of getting something for nothing, so capitalise on this with your new customers.  Offer free trials of your services, or samples of your goods to draw them in.  You could then offer them further discounts if they decide to purchase.

Attracting new customers on a continuous basis needs ongoing commitment.  If you would like extra help with your business development strategy, why not see how we can help.