Video marketing – Why is everybody using it?


Seeing is believing! With this in mind, what better way to promote your brand than by using videos as part of your online marketing strategy?

From social media posts to website content, video marketing is fast becoming one of the preferred ways to highlight products or services. From product descriptions to online tutorials, there is a way to encompass video marketing into your very own sales technique.

Why is video marketing so popular?

With video marketing projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019, moving images of your products or services is the future of your online promotions.

Videos can easily be shared on social media platforms, video sharing sites and even sent in emails or private messages. Video marketing is direct, straightforward and effective.

How can video marketing benefit my business?

There are a number of ways in which video marketing can help to impact your success. Here are just a few:

  • Increase your market reach
    Customers can quickly and easily watch videos on laptops, smart phones and devices. Providing they are quick to load and interesting to watch they will generally be more eye-catching than even the very best written content.
  • Target your audience directly
    Every demographic has its preferences. You can quickly identify what your target audience likes using data from social media or market research. Everyone watches TV at some point, and your video marketing can tap into the kind of programs your audience likes and design yours in the same vein. A well suited video can quickly catch the attention of your audience.
  • Use Video marketing as an adjunct
    If you already engage well with your audience using blogs, news pages or social media, you can add video marketing into the mix to make it more interesting and increase your reach.
  • Show your best side
    Video marketing offers an up to date way of reaching out to your customers. By jumping on board now, you are showing them that you are a progressive company that can move with the times.
  • People buy people
    You can also use your video marketing to present a more personal side to your business. If you would like to add tutorials or walk throughs for example, your staff talking about their own products is a great way for people to buy into the heart of your business.
  • Go viral
    Video marketing is easy to share and can become an integral part of your company conversation very quickly. Viral videos lead to more exposure of your business.
  • Set yourselves apart from the competition
    By showing your willingness to embrace new trends and technology you are automatically one step ahead of the competition.

Video content that works

Now you know why you should be using video marketing, you may be wondering how best to produce videos that sell? Keep your videos short enough to be interesting, but not so short that your message is missed. Use engaging titles, great scripts and additions like music or animation to make your video appealing throughout.