How to write blogs for your business


Blog writing – everyone is doing it, right? They are indeed, but how can you successfully make blogging work for your business?

Just writing down random stories or your own personal opinions on the world is not a way to attract more business. But, using your blog as a force for good can help to grow your audience and hopefully, increase your sales.

If you are wondering how to make your blog really work for you, why not try some of our top tips for successful business blogs.

Write for your audience

When you started your business, you did so with an idea in mind of the kind of people who would buy your goods and services. Chances are, these still make up the majority of your customers, and these are the people you need to reach out to via your blogs.  What are they interested in? Where do they hang out? What are their lifestyle preferences? All these questions and more can help you to write engaging and informative blog pieces that will draw your target audience to your website.

Keep an eye on the competition

If your competitors are jumping on the blogging bandwagon, have a sly peak at what they are writing about. Remember though, you can’t just copy their ideas word for word, but you make be able to seek inspiration and write your own blogs to suit.

Show how clever you are

Blogs usually work best when they give advice or answer questions. These are not only a useful resource for your customers, they also work far better in search engine results. As most people type questions into the search field, any site that has the answers will appear higher up the rankings.

Keep your blogs relevant

This is especially important if you tend to blog a lot about time sensitive issues. Will these types of blogs be relevant or informative a year down the line? And if not, surely they will no longer be able to help boost your SEO either.

Be creative

Don’t just produce blogs that look like instruction manuals, write them in an easy to read, conversational style that will be attractive to your target audience. When we pick up a magazine, we are usually looking for light hearted, but  informative pieces, about a variety of subjects. Think of your blog as your very own magazine. Write lightly and cover a wide range of topics to help you reach out to a wider audience.

Write content that is targeted to your audience, but write it in a way that reflects the personality of your brand. After all, people buy people, not just products.