The importance of using testimonials to promote your business


These days just advertising your brand online is simply not enough to ensure your success. In order for your audience to really feel confident about the goods or services you offer, they want to read realistic reviews and testimonials from other satisfied customers.

When it comes to business, testimonials are an excellent way to reassure nervous customers that your brand is best for them.

What is a testimonial?

A testimonial is a written recommendation from a satisfied customer affirming the performance, quality, and/or value of your products or services. Testimonials can be one of your most potent marketing tools if you are able to sell them well.

As a statement that supports your expertise, well worded and credible testimonials can strengthen your reputation and help you to gain your customers trust.

Why are testimonials important?

With so many brands fighting for space within the online market place, being able to reassure your customers before they have even made contact with you is an important advantage over your competition.

Businesses grow by word of mouth – whether it is a recommendation from a friend, or the words of a stranger online – people buy opinions. Positive reviews and testimonials will strengthen your brand and increase its credibility.

Testimonials also help to add a more personable element to your sales and marketing strategy. A testimonial is seen as a tangible confirmation of a companies selling points. All of the strategies that you’ve worked so hard on to help sell your products or services can benefit from real-life examples and testimonials that provide that.

Tell the world about them

A satisfied customer will happily write a glowing review or an engaging testimonial. When you receive them, be sure to share them with the world. Make them visually appealing and easy to find. Whether you opt for just words, or add stars or ratings to your testimonials, they all act as additional, organic marketing for your brand.

Don’t hide your light – if your customers love you, then others will too. Use testimonials as a key part of your online marketing strategy.