How To Be A Good Leader


A good leader will be able to establish a clear vision and guide their team to work towards it – as a body of one, all working for a common goal. It is important that your leadership skills extend to being able to coach and motivate your staff throughout their journey.

When you run a business, you are much more than just the boss, you are often a leader, an inspirational figure, a coach and a confident all in one role.

Great leadership skills are developed over time as the best leaders are always learning how to be the best.

If you are struggling to get the best results from your team, perhaps it is time to reassess your own leadership skills. No great leader is born that way, it is a skill that is acquired over many years, with countless falls along the way. But like so many areas of life, it is never to late to learn to lead. Here are some key leadership skills you will need to perfect if you are looking to get results, for you, your business and your team:

  1. Be encouraging – show support to employees, be compassionate and also encourage them to try new things and develop their own skills. Show them you believe in them, and in turn they will work harder.
  2. Be useful and productive – lead by example and let them see you doing your bit at all times.
  3. Treat your team as you expect them to treat customers – again, leading by example is key to gaining the respect of your team.
  4. Communicate – find the very best way to speak to your team, and be relatable so you can effectively get your ideas across.
  5. Know your team – identify and recognise every member of the teams’ own strengths and weaknesses. Once you understand where they excel and where they need assistance, you can ensure your team is working to its optimum efficiency.
  6. Recognise success – be quick to offer praise and positive comments when any member of your team has done a really exceptional job.
  7. Bond with your team – having a good relationship with employees really can help you all work together as a team.
  8. Show your passion – If you team can see how enthusiastic you are about your business, they will be more inclined to be passionate about it also.
  9. Take responsibility –  being the boss doesn’t mean you are always right. If things go wrong, based on your own decisions, take ownership of the result and work to ensure the same result never happens again.
  10. Look outside your office – build good relationships with suppliers, vendors and any other businesses in your industry.
  11. Give your team the space they need – don’t jump in at every opportunity, give your employees the space they need to learn their craft.
  12. Be committed – Don’t be the first to leave at home time, put in the hours and the effort and let your team see you doing so.  They will respect you for that, and it will inspire them to give more than the bare minimum back to your business.

Whatever your business, you can be a great leader simply be learning how best to inspire and encourage your team.